WomenSafe is so thankful to have you in our community, you are so dedicated to your work and always a pleasure to work with! Also, it does not go unnoticed how busy you are, and what agreeing to take a LAV or pro-bono case can mean for your already very busy schedule! We all appreciate you.
— Kara

Thank you for assisting us in our effort to adopt our granddaughter. The uncertainty of the outcome and the duration of the legal process during a time when we were facing so many additional family challenges was emotionally difficult for us. Your guidance was always reassuring and kept us focused on what was important. Thank you!

The joy and happiness created by having our granddaughter in our home is truly a blessing. Her presence has positively changed our lives and broadened our perspective in so many ways.

Again, we sincerely thank you for everything you did to help make this outcome possible.
— Tom & Nina