Family Law

The main focus of my practice is family law. I represent clients in all areas of family law including divorce, civil union dissolution, parentage, custody establishment and modification, property disputes, and child support establishment, modification and enforcement. These are some of the most difficult times in a person’s life. I work with my clients to assist them through the process, recognizing how stressful it is.


I represent adoptive families and single people seeking to adopt a child or legalize their relationship with a child already in the home. I also represent birth parents in the adoption process so that they have a complete understanding of their rights and options.

Civil Union Dissolutions

As an experienced family law attorney, I represent clients in the dissolution of civil unions. I also represent those lesbian and gay clients who have not entered into a civil union, but have ended their domestic partnership and require legal assistance in dealing with the separation of property.

Relief from Abuse; Sexual Assault & Abuse

As a former domestic violence prosecutor, I have special expertise working with clients needing legal assistance with these issues. I understand how difficult it is to work through the decisions that need to be made and deal with the choices. I provide the legal advice and support for whatever decisions you make as you move forward.


I work with clients who require legal services for a variety of guardianship issues; setting up a guardianship for a child or grandchild, petitioning for an adult guardianship for a variety or reasons, or petitioning to terminate an adult or minor guardianship that is in place.

Juvenile Matters

I am experienced in juvenile matters, both in the areas of child abuse and neglect and juvenile delinquency. I  provide representation to parents, to children and to grandparents in juvenile court.

Criminal Defense

I represent clients who require legal representation in criminal matters, generally those arising out of family disputes.